Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge

This week we had to visit at least 3 other blogs and comment on one of their posts.

The first blog was: http://cassiecst.global2.vic.edu.au/2015/03/17/about-me/#respond –  I commented on her “About Me” post becuase we have quite a lot in common.

The second blog was: http://stephaniesst.global2.vic.edu.au/2015/04/24/week-6-challenge-activity-1/comment – I commented on her “Week 6 Avtivity #1” post becuase it was a really interesting and fascinating post to read.

The last post was: http://jessicamst.global2.vic.edu.au/2015/03/13/dance/comment-page-1/#comment-14 – I commented on “Dance” because we both love dancing and I found that really cool.

I loved visiting other people’s blogs and commenting on them! Lauren 😉

‘My Favourite Things’

This post is for Week 3 in the Student Blogging Challenge!


The collage describes what I LOVE! My dog Harvey, the Eiffel Tower, ice cream and muffins, sunsets, elephants and camels! Comment down below what some of your favourite things are.

By for now, Lauren 🙂

Expressive Changes

Another year had passed and by now you could smell change in the air. You could almost see the colour of the leaves changing to a vibrant red in front of your eyes. They were hanging by a thread on the tip of a branch. A single light breeze would be strong enough to blow them away from the home they have had for the last year. The sun was shining onto the ground but you couldn’t feel the heat.

image image


Multicultural Awareness Day

Sorry I didn’t write a blog post last week, I was really busy!

I came up with a new holiday to celebrate globally. In Cultural Diversity Week  we could have one day off to celebrate ‘Multicultural Awareness Day’.

imageThis is my poster on Multicultural Awareness!

Talk to you soon, Lauren 🙂

My favourite things

by Gena… my Mum!

I loved school when I was a kid.

I loved being with my friends and learning new things.

I especially loved spelling tests and word challenges and reading books and doing writing assignments.

And guess what? I still do! So much so that I have started my own blog and am now a Creative Writing student at LaTrobe University here in Bendigo, where I get to do all of my favourite things – lots of reading, lots of writing and lots of learning : )


Some things never change! And as far as I’m concerned learning never stops.

What are your favourite things to do at school?

Is there anything you do now that you hope to still be doing when you grow up?


Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone. I’m Lauren and I live in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I’d like to introduce you to my world and tell you about my interests. After school is when I do dancing. I do jazz, ballet and tap. I also love baking cookies or muffins in my spare time. What do you like to do in your spare time? At school my favourite subjects are Art, P.E, Reading and Writing. What are your favourite subjects? I am really energetic, friendly and I’m always happy! I’m really excited to start my first blog and I hope you enjoy! don’t forget to leave comments on my posts! Hope to talk to you again soon.

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