Hitler’s Daughter Review

Hitler’s Daughter is about a girl called Anna who creates and tells stories about pretty much everything. This story in particular is a little bit more deep than her usual stories. The main characters are Anna, Mark, little Tracey, Heidi and Fraulein Gelber. This book is really descriptive and I will admit it’s a little bit boring at times, but only when Anna isn’t telling the story. I would definitely recommend this book to people around the age of 12.



Free-Verse Poem

At school this week we learned a new type of poem called a free-verse poem. Here’s mine about Polar Bears.

All I can see is white snow on the ground
I am freezing to death on my melting ice berg
I feel isolated and alone from all of my family
I can hear the soft sound of the water comforting me
The shaggy fur on my back is heavy


Boy Overboard Response

This morning at school we learnt about 2 language devices. One of them was a similie and the other was a metaphor. We had to find these devices in the firt chapter of Boy Overboard.

I really enjoyed the firts couple of paragraphs of this book. It sounds like is is set in Afganistan or Egypt, I’m not sure yet. I predict that in the next part of the book there’s going to be a bomb near where they’re playing soccer. The book is really interesting and I can’t wait to read more. Jamal is the main character and it sounds like is friends are a lttle bit rude and jocky.

Lauren 🙂

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